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Earthquakes Australia
« on: February 09, 2018, 12:51:19 AM »
Hi all,
A topic not talked about by many in Australia, over the years I have come to the fruition that many just take the (Ostrich head in the sand) approach.

I have monitored Aus Quakes closely since 2000 and I must admit I am a bit obsessed with it to a point.

Though I have developed over the years an import to MySql of the data supplied from including functions within MySql to determ Distance to my Station Location based on Lat/Lon and then scripts to display outputs in the form of (google Map data point/marker) and PHP based List Outputs to display info per quake along with color coded Distance from Station local highlights and links to the core source, being before mentioned GA.Gov pages per quake.

All other standard scripts available to Aussie (PWS) users, are US/GLOBAL Data Source based, which do not usually contain all our Aussie Local Quakes (only Significant (3 or 4 (+) mag)) .

Just thought I would share what I do, Kind regards, Tony

Link to page :

An example image :

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