Weather Station Software Configuration

Before your weather station data can be used by the Australian Weather Network (AUWN), you must configure your chosen weather station software to upload data in a format our server can read. Currently we can process data from WeatherLink, Weather Display, Meteobridge, Weather Underground HeavyWeather Uploader (WUHU), Cumulus, and Virtual Weather Station. Please see the appropriate section below on how to configure your software. Once you have completed these steps, please let us know so we can add you to the network. If you run into problems, feel free to contact us.


WeatherLink Configuration

Weather Display Configuration

Note: Information on how to setup Weather Display to create and upload the "clientraw.txt" file are available from the Weather-Watch Forums.

Virtual Weather Station Configuration

Weather Underground HeavyWeather Uploader (WUHU) Configuration

NOTE! Needs WUHU 216 Beta 40 or newer !!

You should be able to see your file in action at

Cumulus Software Configuration